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Modesty and Dedication Mark the Career
of PRSA’s First Latino President 

This article was written for the Philadelphia Public Relations Society of America 50th Anniversary activities of profiling past presidents. It won The Communicators Awards Crystal Award of Excellence for Feature Writing in 2003.

Throughout an almost 40-year PR career, Luis Morales has dedicated himself to increasing the professionalism and standards of the PR field. His standards and good nature have influenced countless practitioners. For complete story, click here.

Michael was hired to write feature articles about the 12 top level members for the new Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia online membership directory.

Free-lance writer for Norwegian American Weekly, now The Norwegian American, published twice a month

Free-lance writer for NewsWorks.org, online community news web site, powered by Philadelphia’s public radio and television station. Stories deal with businesses in Mt. Airy that get involved in the community.

Mt. Airy performing arts nonprofit seeks to bring program back to displaced Germantown High students (9/25/13, NewsWorks)

Emily Nussdorfer’s phone has been ringing. The girls from Germantown High School want to come back.

Nussdorfer is founder and executive director of Moving Creations, Inc., a nonprofit that runs Girls On the Move, a project that works with at-risk teenage girls to build self-esteem and leadership skills through the performing arts. For complete story, click here.

Students get taste of the business world at summer “Youth and Money Camp” (9/2/13 NewsWorks)

At a session of this summer’s Youth & Money Camp in Mt. Airy, 12 students ages 8 to 14 learned business basics and know-how. To mark the end of the program, the campers spent a day learning about the food business at the new ShopRite on Fox Street in East Falls and presenting the business plans. For complete story, click here.

Mt. Airy community raises money for juvenile diabetes at Final-ly Friday (7/29/13 NewsWorks.org)

Just a few pretzels caused Pamela MacElree’s insulin level to elevate and result in a low blood sugar count. She downed some orange juice, which absorbs the glucose. This was Friday evening, shortly before Urban Athlete, a fitness gym McElree co-owns at 7112 Germantown Avenue in Mt. Airy, was to host the 3rd Annual Burgers and Burpees to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to cure Type 1 diabetes. For complete story, click here.

Mt. Airy business works to be part of community improvements (7/18/13 NewsWorks)

Owner of Community Acupunture of Mt. Airy (CAMA), Elise Rivers is passionate about not only building a successful business, but giving back back to the community where she works and lives. For complete story, click here.

Elkins Park, PA Therapist, Author And Artist Michael J. Oswald
Releases Serious Stories For Children: Special People,
A Primer For Dealing With Children With Special Needs (2011-Present)

Michael J. Oswald laughs when thinking about his path from receiving a degree in Fine Arts to becoming a therapist working primarily with children with special needs. “Art became a hobby, kids became my job.”

Either way, it has been a win-win for the Elkins Park, PA resident. He has illustrated and written four children’s books over a 30 year period. His newest book, Serious Stories for Children: Special People, is the first published in full color. This is his pride and joy. While not wanting to focus on a particular disability, the main characters in My Friend Ted, A Boy Named Monk, The Girl Who Knew Enough and I Feel may exhibit characteristics of ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, emotional, and behavioral issues.

It is Oswald’s intention that the book help families with children with disabilities better understand the behaviors, but also for the general population to realize how these children may be struggling. Through this understanding, they will become more tolerant. The stories are written simply to leave room for the readers and their adults to add their own notions. For complete story, click here.

African-American Owned Company Brings First Animé Convention to Philadelphia
in an effort to stem youth violence (2007)

The first animé convention ever in Philadelphia, TandokuCon 2007, is coming to The Pennsylvania Convention Center November 9-11, thanks to the efforts of an East Mt. Airy (Philadelphia)-based, African-American owned company, TCON Expressions of Philadelphia. This is the first time an African-American owned group has produced a “con,” the favorite condensed wording used by anime convention-goers. TCON sees the convention as a way to stem the epidemic of youth violence by redirecting energy into artistic expression. For complete story, click here.

Houston School middle schoolers business fit to a tee (12/5/06)

The entrepreneurs are getting younger. For the last few years, The Business Center at New Covenant Campus in Mt. Airy has run an Urban Youth Entrepreneur program in area high schools where students develop and execute a business idea, while providing themselves with a vision for a productive future. This fall not only has The Business Center expanded the program into other areas of the city, but it decided to introduce a seven-week program at the middle school level.

“The Business Center understands that entrepreneurship education is transformative and pushes students to move out of their comfort zone and imagine themselves as ‘the boss,’” said Solomon Wheeler, Director of Entrepreneurial Programs at The Business Center. “This idea of being in charge of your own livelihood, along with the rewards it brings, can dramatically improve confidence and focus. We observed children as young as seven years of age respond positively to the program material.” For complete story, click here.


Germantown High School students start businesses
through The Business Center’s Youth Entrepreneurial Program (May 2006)

If you’re in the Germantown area on a hot day this summer, you might want to check out the “appealing and affordable” Urban Flava water ice stand. If you want to show pride in your neighborhood, look for a Rep.Zip bracelet in a local sneaker store or salon. You’ll be able to look for these items on clean streets thanks to Eye Candy.

These are all businesses that 10 Germantown High School students developed and will execute as part of the Urban Youth Entrepreneurial Program run in local schools by The Business Center at New Covenant Campus… For complete story, click here.

Israeli author Eva Etzioni-Halevy’s novel, The Song of Hannah gives voice
to two Jewish heroines of the Bible (November, 2005)

In her debut novel, The Song of Hannah, Eva Etzioni-Halevy took the biblical story of Hannah and turned it into a biblical fictional novel because she wanted to give voice to the women in the Bible and make them come to life. The Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, uses the rivalry and friendship of Hannah and Pninah, who both marry Elkanah, as a base for her story. While Pninah bears many children, Hannah is childless until giving birth to Samuel, who becomes one of the greatest prophets of the Jewish people. For complete story, click  here.


Lois Young-Tulin’s Book A Loving Tribute
To Her Mentor Sophie Tucker (2001-Present)

“Independence! That’s the key Lois! Find yourself a career, something… some passion!… You once wanted to be a writer …I believe in you Lois. I believe that you’re destined to be more than just a housewife. Start by finishing your college degree and launching your writing career… Promise me?”
“I promise.”
Backstage at the Latin Casino, mid 1960s

This was not an unusual conversation between Lois Young-Tulin, Ph.D. and her great grand aunt, renowned and trailblazing entertainer Sophie Tucker; it was just the one that turned Lois’ life around. For complete story, click here.

Fran Kleiner Releases Her First CD Of Traditional Yiddish
and Popular Folk Songs (1999-Present)

Yiddish culture and music has been a part of Frances Kleiner’s life since she was a little girl growing up in Brooklyn as the oldest of four children of Eastern European immigrant parents. The Elkins Park resident has continued the traditions through the singing of Jewish and Yiddish melodies for children and adults of all ages. She is more than a singer; she tells the story behind the song, its historical and cultural context, significance and symbolism and provides the translation, so youngsters as well as others also learn history while learning to sing the song. People are exposed to the life experiences of the Jewish people in the time period of the song. And, when she begins to sing, a smile comes to her face, and her warmth, obvious enthusiasm and love of the music is infectious and people readily join her in singing.

Finally, at age 73, Fran, whose melodious voice still captivates audiences, has released a CD/cassette, A Fire Glows, Yiddish Songs Recorded Live at The Mermaid Inn. There are 19 songs covering 60 minutes, with all the songs translated into English. For complete story, click here.

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