Tip of the Week: Expertise in your field can net media coverage

Another way to get publicity is to realize you are an expert at what you do. This is never more true than when you write a book because people who have not written a book are envious of those who have. You’re an expert on that subject.  Sometimes publicity falls in your lap as happened to me, though because of a tragic event. I wrote a You're the Expert art for blogpost Expertise in Your Field can net media coverage, Michael Kleiner Public Relations & Web Designmemoir, Beyond the Cold: An American’s Warm Portrait of Norway, which shows how, I, though not of Norwegian descent, developed an affinity for the country, culture and people, beginning when I lived in Norway for a year with my family at age 11, and my return trips as an adult.

On Friday, July 22, 2011, Anders Breivik set off a bomb in the center of Oslo, then went to the island of Utøya, where the Labour Party was having a youth retreat. He slaughtered almost 70 young people, including a friend of my friend’s 18-year old daughter. This occurred at the confluence of another event. In Summer 1992, I attended the International Summer School at the University of Oslo with 500 students from 70 countries. In 1996, I planned a trip around the 50th anniversary of the ISS. Before I left, I was contacted by the student organizer asking me to speak as an alum at the event.

That tragic Friday was the week before the 65th anniversary event and I had planned to e-mail good wishes that day. While I worried about the safety of my Norwegian friends, I worried that ISS could be a target. I issued a statementAsk an Expert graphic for blogpost that you are an expert in your field, Michael Kleiner Public Relations & Web Design that Mt. Airy Patch used. The following Sunday, I found messages on my Facebook and LinkedIn pages, voice mail, and e-mail from Pat Loeb of KYW Radio. Notice the different media channels she tried. She was looking for someone to interview with a Norwegian connection. She Googled and found me. I didn’t think it was proper to mention the book under the circumstances, but I was introduced as a Norway expert and she mentioned the ISS’ upcoming 65thanniversary. She used the quote (about 10 seconds) when I talked about what made the ISS successful, but the point was, “This (Anders Breivik) is not the Norway I know.” She also interviewed a college professor. I am a member of the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce Philadelphia, which didn’t exist then. She could have had a choice of actual Norwegians to offer reactions. But, she found me.


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