Tips from Michael and John: Dealing With News Media, Part 1

Tips from Michaelart for blogpost on Dealing with the Media, Part 1 by John Shiffert and Michael Kleiner PR &Web Design and John:
With News Media, Part 1

 While entire books have been written about how to deal with electronic and print journalists, that is, how to best present yourself and your organization to the news media, it’s possible to summarize this collective wisdom fairly concisely with just a few fairly simple tips, most of which come under the broad heading of KISS… Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Tip Number 1) Prepare

Have a few relevant points or facts readily available before you ever speak to a media representative, and take the time, or ask for the time, to check your facts before “going on the record.” If at all possible, summarize your thoughts in a few simple key points.

Tip Number 2) Going on the Record

Speaking of going on the record, never say anything “off the record,” a phrase and a circumstance that can mean different things to different people. Always speak on the record, or assume that what you are saying to the news media is on the record. Another way of putting this as follows… don’t tell the media anything you wouldn’t want to see on the front page of the New York Times.

Tip Number 3) Assume Everything You Say Will be on the Front Page
of the  New York Times

Or, even more widely circulated. The readership of the Internet, which literally contains a billion web pages, is far greater than the Times, and once a statement is posted on the Internet, it never goes away. Another way of looking at this is: it’s now almost impossible to keep anything a secret for long.

Tip Number 4) Be Aware of Deadlines

With the current news cycle being practically instantaneous, the issue of deadlines has become even more vital to the news media. Ask about the journalist’s deadline for the story.

Tip Number 5) Respond in Kind

Given the deadline pressure of web-based journalism, the news media will often try to expedite a story as quickly as possible. One of the most common ways of doing this is through social media. Recognize that most journalists have Twitter accounts and, if you have a Twitter account, you are likely to be contacted through that platform. Another part of this tip is to recognize that, especially in a crisis situation, you need to respond to the media through the platform that first broke the story.

Next week… five more tips for dealing with the media, including dealing with controversy, patience, and more KISS principles.

Keystone State Boychoir hosts Norway’s Boys of Silver Boychoir

When Keystone State Boychoir toured Norway in 2012, it was hosted by Sølvguttene (The Boys of Silver). Together, the two choirs sang at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in Oslo honoring Aung San Suu Kyi. Now, Keystone will return the hospitality when Sølvguttene stops in Philadelphia as part of its U.S. Concert Tour. The two choirs will present a joint concert on Thursday, October 1, at Abington Presbyterian Church, 1082 Old York Road, Abington. The concert — co-sponsored by Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce Philadelphia Chapter and part of  Global Philly™ 2015 activities – will begin at 7:30 p.m. For more information, click here.

Article in The Norwegian American, Choirs build cultural bridges.

Global Philly™ 2015 to Highlight Cultural Diversity of the City

At the Global PhillyTM 2015 reception opening of a two-month multi-cultural expo in the Philadelphia area, guests could choose a hat representing a country and have their picture taken with a cutout of the Pope. I'm not even Catholic. : )
Pope Francis (the guy on the right) scared the Global PhillyTM 2015 Reception crowd, sneaking into the city two weeks early and avoiding security checkpoints. 🙂 Everyone was relieved It was just a cut out figure of the Pope. Guests could choose a hat representing a country and have their picture taken with the Pontiff. I’m not even Catholic. : ) Photos by Al B. For.


I attended the reception heralding the opening of the two-month – September 15-November 15—Global Philly™ 2015 Exposition. During this time, there will be over 150 events celebrating the multi-cultural diversity and “global impact of Philadelphia and the region.” The biennial event is being presented by Global Philadelphia Association and its members. Events are associated with 12 categories – Advocacy, Arts, Commerce, Cuisine, Education, Family Friendly, Global Events, Heritage, Nation Days, Science & Technology, Sports and Project World Heritage City.

I was happy to represent the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce Philadelphia, but found myself proud of my city. While I have an affinity for Norway as a non-Norwegian, I was born and bred in Philadelphia. I have endured many losing sports seasons and disappointing ends to winning seasons, with a couple of championships thrown in there. I’ve heard the jokes about Philadelphia and criticisms of Philadelphia sports fans, many of which the statute of limitations should have run out long ago. I’ve also felt Philadelphia is underrated.

Philadelphia is on the move in the international stage. Pope Francis will visit in a few weeks, and next summer the Democratic National Convention will come to town, two major coups. The expo is a lead-in to a Nov. 6 vote in Peru on whether to designate Philadelphia a World Heritage City. If successful, Philadelphia will be the first
American city to receive the honor.

At the Global PhillyTM 2015 reception opening of a two-month multi-cultural expo in the Philadelphia area, guests could choose a hat representing a country and have their picture taken with a cutout of the Pope. I'm not even Catholic. : ) In his remarks, Alan Greenberger, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Director of Commerce, said Mayor Nutter has been traveling extensively in his second term, attempting to set up sister relationships with foreign cities and expanding the visibility and awareness of Philadelphia. During the Mayor’s first term, Greenberger made many of these trips. Erik Evjen, Director of Research at the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau (and a native of Norway), told the crowd more than $500 million in tourist dollars were spent here last year, a steady increase.

A light and fun atmosphere pervaded the reception held at WHYY, one of the media partners. I met an official from the Netherlands
and a graphic designer from the same country. Hats representing different countries were on a table and guests were encouraged to try one and have their picture taken next to a cut out figure of the Pope. “I’m not Catholic,” I told the photographer, Alfred B. For. “Neither am I,” he replied. A wall allowed attendees to post “I am Offering…” and “I Am Seeking…” services.

Tahija Vikalo Intnl Montessori Schools_Me_Ute Kraidy, graphic design Netherlands
You didn’t know who you would meet and what country they might be from. Left, Tahija Vikalo, Assistant Head, International Montessori Schools, Me, holding the Passport, the schedule of events for Global Philly TM 2015, and Ute Kraidy, a graphic designer from the Netherlands. Photo by Al B. For.

The city is a lot more multi-cultural than we thought. Global Philadelphia members include Honorary Consul Generals from Sweden, Panama, Lithuania, Korea, Sierra Leone, Italy, El Salvador, Portugal, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Mexico, Ghana, Belgium, Brazil, Pakistan, Denmark, Chile, Uruguay, Poland, Finland, Latvia, Haiti, Austria, Japan, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Malta, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Guatemala, France, Romania, Israel, Norway and Germany. German American Chamber of Commerce, Middle Atlantic Eurasian Business Council, Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce, Swedish American Chamber of Commerce, Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia, Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture, Alliance Francaise de Philadelphie, Asia Society of New York, Brazil Cultural Center of Greater Philadelphia, China Partnership of Greater Philadelphia, Citizen Diplomacy International, Flemish in the World, Global Education Motivators, Global Interdependence Center, Lithuanian Music Hall Association, Main Line Chinese Cultural Center, Mexican Cultural Center, Multicultural Art Exchange, National Hispanic Institute, Pan American Association of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia are among the business and cultural association members. The Chambers want to attract business interests from their countries to Philadelphia. They feel Philadelphia has much to offer.

Global Philadelphia has broad-based membership and support, including the City, colleges, historical sites, hospitals,individual members and more. Sponsors of the expo include PCVB, Lockheed Martin, Progressive Business Publications, Connelly Foundation, gphomestay, and Team Pennsylvania Foundation, while media partners include Center City Film & Video, Al Dia News Media, The Inquirer/Daily News/, WHYY, WPHL 17, 95.7 BEN FM, I Heart Media and EveryBlock.

The brochure of events is called Passport. For more information about the expo, click here.