What are gTLDs?

accompanying art for blog post on generic top level domains or gTLDIn the early days of domain names, .com identified holders as a commercial business. Then .biz took  it a step further; .us defined that your business was in the United States. New gTLD (generic top level domains) domains are taking your web identity to a new “tier level,” which can improve search engine optimization. These domains define exactly what you do. Here’s just a sampling:

.lawyer, .attorney, .estate, .land, .clothing, .guru .plumbing, .ventures, .gallery, .camera, .lighting, .construction, .contractors, .directory, .enterprises, .careers, .photos, .company, .cab, .management, .computer, .support, .solutions, .repair, .builders, .education, .international, .solar, .catering, .community, .services, and more. Early surveys show an improvement in the organic results with the use of a gTLD  as it adds another keyword rich word.
Not every one is sold on the gTLDs. For one, the new domains are pricey — although, we have some discounts. Stuart Fuller in NetNames Blog, notes that businesses that have spent a lot of money on SEO may be reluctant to switch gears. He says pioneers willing to take the gamble and show success are needed. At the same time, the new domains could alter brand marketing as “The right of the dot will become as important as what is to the left of the dot.”
Melissa Bouma on McMurryTMG.com, lists pros and cons of the new gTLDs and their effect on Search. Among the pros are:


  • Large businesses will benefit the most in the beginning because they can afford the prices.
  • Keyword rich URLS
  • Additional content will be written because there are unlimited numbers of domains, strengthening the branded top-level domain 
  • Search engines may see popular brand gTLDs as “reliable”
  • May generate higher click-through rates
  • Users will be able to search by extension, though this is already possible, yet few people are using it
  • A local extension will increase one’s local rankings

Note, these are potential benefits. Her counter points are:

  • Due to the high price of gTLDs, it may take years to see ROI
  • Algorithms are constantly changing, so, at the current time, the influence of the gTLDs on rankings is minimal
  • More content will need to be created and developed over time before the branded gTLDs gain popularity
  • Changing to any new domain name has initial negative effects on Search
  • .com is till the most “authoritative” and “assumed” extension, so it could take time for the gTLDs to be accepted and could affect inbound branded traffic/links
 The graphic explains how the benefits of a gTLD might work. To check out pricing of gTLDs, click here, Domain Names>Bulk Registration, scroll down page.

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