And, now there’s an app for Mike

A Google survey showed that 94% of smartphone users have looked for local search information, and 84% have taken action as a result. That survey was in 2013, which means the numbers could be even greater, now. There aren’t many “plain” cell phones around. That indicates the importance for small businesses to have an app. A survey conducted between Feb. 2013-Jan. 2014, showed usage of mobile apps was starting to exceed use of desktop computers, while using a mobile browser was quite low. We will build apps that are compatible for Android, Apple iOS and Amazon Kindle and to meet the different sizes of devices.

I created my own app, one of the few for PR and web companies, using Appsmoment, as a miniature version of the web site.


Features of this app:

  • Like with many of our web sites, our app has simple navigation
  • The colors closely match those on the web site
  • You can learn about the company
  • View writing samples
  • View web sites samples
  • View list of selected past and current clients
  • Read testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Phone and e-mail links are provided so you can contact us

The app, Michael Kleiner PR, Web and Apps, is available in Google Play and Amazon Apps Stores, and pending in the Apple Store.

New Dynamic Site uses theme from a company with a social mission

It took the third theme to finally work toward ideas I envisioned. Green Eye Theme Extend is from D5 Creation. D5 has a special mission. “All the developers of D5 Creation have come from the disadvantaged part or group of the society. All have established themselves after a long and hard struggle.” Much of D5 Creation’s revenue supports disadvantaged children and students. Education assistance is provided to “meritorious, but disadvantaged students, who promise to be good citizens.” I didn’t know this when I noticed the theme within WordPress’s dashboard, but learned of this mission when clicking through for assistance.

Among the looks I wanted was three columns that would highlight the business’s three offerings.   Green Eye Theme’s combination of greens and grays was also what I was after. In a previous theme, shortcodes were needed to develop the columns, but the third column wouldn’t align to the right. Once I upgraded to the Green Eye Theme Extended Version, there was an Option page allowing me to choose up to nine feature boxes and add the text and any images there. It helped to have some coding knowledge to insert images and create display quotes in the boxes. There were other pages with different settings to make slider-text images in the header and a scroll of testimonials at the bottom of the page.  Other pages could be designed primarily with the Visual Editor.

Mobile Apps Playbook delves into the strategies of mobile apps

Recently, I attended a seminar, Mobile Apps Playbook, outlining strategies and concepts businesses need to consider when developing apps. The presenters were Kjell Hegstad, Chief Viking (he’s from Norway) at Digital Vikings in Wilmington, DE, and Gary Zhou, Chief Strategy Viking, with Greg Shelton, Marketing, also attending The program was co-sponsored by the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce Philadelphia and Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

“Simplicity is a big part of innovation.”
-Kjell Hegstad


Anyone with a smartphone and/or tablet – and that’s most of us – knows that mobile and apps have ballooned. Hegstad said that by 2015, 70% of people will own a smartphone. “If the mobile experience isn’t cool, people are not going to use it,” he said.

Being cool, however, doesn’t mean complicated with flashy colors. My favorite line from Hegstad was “Simplicity is a big part of innovation.” With more purchases being done on smartphones a device we always have with us, there is a need to shift strategy. Zhou noted, “Mobile first, then take it back to the web site.”

There are several elements to take into account. It is important to have “standups,” where all the stakeholders are brought together to offer ideas. “Hear, create, deliver,” said Hegstad.

“Mobile first, then take it back to the web site.”
-Gary Zhou

Delivery and launch can happen before the work is done because it creates the opportunity for feedback. “Build it, launch it, measure, learn,” said Hegstad. “There must be human centered design. Visual aids help to convince customers and management. When visuals are used, 92% of the time it results in a decision.”

Zhou added: “Demo the value first, then soft sell. Audience interaction is shifting marketing away from ads. Identify, broadcast, engage, monetize, measure, amplify. About 77% of consumers make a purchase recommended by an advocate. Optimize your brand advocate strategy. Even small businesses can get an advocate because that person (s) can be anyone.”

“The mobile mantras are: ‘Does the app save time and money?’” said Hegstad. “Is it cool? Does it instruct or educate? And, would I use it?”

On the way to and from the seminar, I was viewing an online class about making mobile apps, so stay tuned.