john shiffert: Central Methodist post card copy

For Paskill, Stapleton & Lord, 2015-16. Copy for four post cards centering on Central Methodist College’s offerings in Career Development, Student  Success and Engagement, Student Life and Campus Ministry.

Postcard 1 – Career Development Focus


We know how important career preparation is to our students. The mission of our Career Development Center is to empower all CMU students to develop the tools they need to successfully transition from campus life to a professional career path. Director Nicolette Yevich advises students to, “start with the end in mind. Even if you are still searching for your major, all of our career programming will help prepare you.”

We guide your future with; career assessments, connecting you with CMU alumni who will help with your career, assistance with internships, the Etiquette Dinner, career expos, and mock interviews. To learn more about the attention the Career Development Center provides, go to


“I will make informed decisions about my major and career.”

Postcard 2 – Student Success/Engagement Focus


The keys to a successful college experience are support and involvement. CMU provides you with opportunities for success in and out of the classroom. Your opportunities for success extend outside the classroom because an engaged student is more likely to be a successful student.

Want proof?

  • The Center for Learning and Teaching provides tutors for almost every freshman class. For more on our Center, go to

  • The Writing Center – intensive work with your writing. “I can do this!” you’ll say.

  • Our First Year Experience class that all freshmen take to say, “I am a college student.”

  • Our 45 student organizations… students take part in as many as a half dozen different activities at CMU


“I am an engaged college student.”

Postcard 3 – Student Life Focus


What’s life like at CMU? Active. Involved. Slammed sometimes, but that’s because you have a lot going for you. Try one – try many… 80% of our students participate in intramurals. We have 250 FREE student activities each year, and FREE transportation to off-campus activities. Better yet, you can earn prizes by taking part in activities through our Eagle Connect program – win TVs, iPads, cash, or book scholarships. We also have local and national Greek Life organizations. Go to


“I can do almost anything at CMU!”

Postcard 4 – Campus Ministry Focus


College means many different things to students and to many students at CMU growth in their faith and putting it into action are part of the college experience. Our Center for Faith and Service is committed to providing those opportunities.

“We are inclusive of all students,” says Rev. Molly Moore, director of the Center for Faith and Service ( service/) “We want to engage, because faith is something to be engaged and explored.”

We engage students with; weekly chapel, small group Bible studies and Faith Lab discussion groups, service opportunities throughout the year, including the Campus Day of Service.

The high points of our year are mission trips in January and during Spring Break to places like Haiti, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Texas and Florida. Our students have worked with orphanages, in construction, served with low-income groups; we’ve done all types of service across the board.


“I am serving my fellow man.”