John Shiffert: Marywood College Masters HSA

13:1 = 4.0

A major part of a successful education is interaction… with faculty, fellow students and the community. Indeed, relationships can provide an additional opportunity for excellence, even among the best students.

Maybe that’s one reason why Lujing Zhou, who came to Marywood from the People’s Republic of China, recently graduated with a perfect 4.0 GPA in her Masters of Health Service Administration program. She says the opportunities provided by her relations with her Marywood professors, fellow students, and the community inside and outside of the University made a difference.

Of course, no one earns a 4.0 in a program like Marywood’s MHSA without a lot of work. However, Zhou says her Marywood experience provided her with the opportunity to leverage her natural ability into a superior outcome.

Zhou points to two aspects of the Marywood academic experience, the 13:1 faculty/student ratio and the resulting small class size, and her professors, as providing key opportunities to her educational success.

“Small classes mean you have more interaction with the students and professors,” she says. “Also, you will be able to concentrate more on the information, including discussions, lectures and presentations.

“(Marywood) professors are good at teaching. Each professor has different style of teaching; some are willing to teach more in class and others like students to read and discuss more. I had good relationships with all the professors in Marywood. They were willing to help me when I had any questions or difficulties.”

Outside of the classroom, Zhou has nothing but good things to say about the attitude and support of the University community towards her as an international student. Everyone, from the top administrators on down to the students and the community were supportive.

“The Marywood community is very friendly to international students and people. Students and teachers always welcome international students, and, I also have a bond with (some) local families,” she says.