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Bush Leagues

In one of his more memorable lines from Ball Four, Jim Bouton had this to say about the minor leagues, the occasion being his demotion to the Triple A Vancouver Mounties early in the 1969 season.

“The minor leagues are all very minor.”

And while that may well be true, it is equally true that a lot of interesting people, facts and figures have populated the minor leagues, at least in the latter part of the 19th Century and the first half of the 20th Century.

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Press Releases at Clayton State University

DeVito Likes the Sea Bass –
Clayton State Trustee
Robert Lee’s
Seafood Company
Caters to the Stars

Morrow, Ga., May 14, 2003 – Southside Seafood Company, co-owned and operated by Clayton College & State University Board of Trustees Vice-Chair Robert Lee, is more than a regional seafood establishment. Lee and Southside Seafood Company cater to the stars. Most recently (January 2003 to the end of April 2003), Southside Seafood provided seafood for the Danny DeVito/Jessica Lange/Albert Finney film “The Big Fish,” which will be swimming into theaters between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2003.

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18 Tons

Morrow, Ga., Jan, 18, 2012 — Eighteen tons, or, more precisely, 18.7 tons; that’s how much the Clayton State University campus recycled from May 2011 to November 2011.

Maybe you can’t quite grasp the scope of 18.7 tons. Well, first of all that’s 37,400 pounds. It also equates to 318 trees saved, since one ton equals 17, 40-foot Douglas firs. Or, perhaps you think in terms of energy saved. Here, one ton equals 4,102 kilowatt hours of electricity. That’s 76,707.4 kilowatts. If you’re into preventing air pollution, a recycled ton equals 60 pounds of air pollution, so 18.7 recycled tons equates to 1,122 pounds of air pollution prevented. Finally, if you want to talk landfills, that’s 56 cubic yards of landfill space saved.

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For Paskill Stapleton & Lord (PS&L) 2015-16

Wayland Baptist University Case Study


One of the top brick-and-mortar Christian colleges in the nation, Wayland Baptist University in Plainview, Texas (WBU) wanted to reinforce its reputation as an online Christian college, and increase enrollment in its thirteen online programs. To accomplish that goal, WBU took a new approach, and decided to look specifically for a higher education firm with website development and advertising expertise to support lead generation for its online courses. Since Paskill Stapleton & Lord (PS&L) has exactly that type of expertise, and since PS&L’s goal is the long-term enrollment health of its clients, the pairing of WBU and PS&L was a natural.

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For Paskill, Stapleton & Lord, March 2016

Microsites White Paper

Over the past 30 years as a higher education marketing firm, Paskill Stapleton & Lord has worked with 500 colleges and universities around the country on their enrollment management challenges, and every one of those institutions has had a website pretty much since Al Gore invented the Internet.

Of course, to say a college has “a” website is an oversimplification. Colleges typically have multiple websites, and most of these websites will have multiple levels and more pages than “War and Peace.” Websites for athletics, websites for special programs in continuing education or the arts, websites for enrollment management… they all factor in to an Internet that has roughly one billion websites, with new ones being created every second.

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For Paskill, Stapleton & Lord, 2015-16. Copy for four post cards centering on Central Methodist College’s offerings in Career Development, Student  Success and Engagement, Student Life and Campus Ministry.

Postcard 1 – Career Development focus


We know how important career preparation is to our students. The mission of our Career Development Center is to empower all CMU students to develop the tools they need to successfully transition from campus life to a professional career path. Director Nicolette Yevich advises students to, “start with the end in mind. Even if you are still searching for your major, all of our career programming will help prepare you.”

We guide your future with; career assessments, connecting you with CMU alumni who will help with your career, assistance with internships, the Etiquette Dinner, career expos, and mock interviews. To learn more about the attention the Career Development Center provides, go to


“I will make informed decisions about my major and career.”

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For Paskill, Stapleton & Lord, 2015-16. Marywood College’s Master’s of Health Service Adminstration program grad.

13:1 = 4.0

A major part of a successful education is interaction… with faculty, fellow students and the community. Indeed, relationships can provide an additional opportunity for excellence, even among the best students.

Maybe that’s one reason why Lujing Zhou, who came to Marywood from the People’s Republic of China, recently graduated with a perfect 4.0 GPA in her Masters of Health Service Administration program. She says the opportunities provided by her relations with her Marywood professors, fellow students, and the community inside and outside of the University made a difference.

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For the National Association of College Stores magazine,
November 2016

11 Tips for Reducing Your Costs and Making Your Store Run Smoother

There’s an acronym that’s been around since long before BTW, BFF, LOL, OMW, FYI, GTG, TTYL and other now-popular shorthands. It’s KISS, or Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Well, college store administrators are anything but stupid. An informal survey by The College Store that asked NACS members to share suggestions in regards to what they’ve been doing to reduce costs and smooth out operations produced a variety of largely tried-and-true techniques, strategies and initiatives that showed that simple is often effective. As another old euphemism goes, it’s not rocket science.

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Clayton State is Dreams Made Real

“My dream is to walk on all seven continents, so I would like to travel to poor areas all over the world. I also hope to establish medical facilities and schools in impoverished communities to help in their development. As a citizen of the developed world, I believe education is to key to a better standard of life.”

“Some days it still feels unreal. It’s a blessing. To see all the hard work and dedication my teammates and I went through to pay off was a thing of beauty. It’s been an experience that I’ve always dreamed of.”

Dreams made real is what Clayton State does.

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Blossoming in the College of Business

“When they’re actively doing tax returns, they blossom.”

Now, maybe one doesn’t typically link the function of doing a federal income tax return with blossoming, or with making dreams real, but the speaker in this case is Clayton State University Associate Professor of Law Dr. Judith Ogden, and the case in point is the University’s longest-running community service initiative, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, hosted by the College of Business, and directed by Ogden.

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Clayton State Student Nurses
Take Haiti “by Storm”

According to a member of the La Gonave Haiti Partnership, Clayton State University student nurses took Haiti by storm during their recent study abroad trip to the Caribbean nation.

“These women took the island by storm. There is no way to say how much the people of La Gonave appreciated their professionalism, their warm and open spirit and their skills,” says Deborah Griffin, a board member of the La Gonave Haiti Partnership who travelled with the Clayton State party as a volunteer guide. “They have truly made friends for life.”

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Clayton State Expands
its Academic Collaborations
with Daejeon Health
Sciences University

The on-going relationship between Clayton State University of Morrow, Ga., and Daejeon Health Sciences University of Daejeon, South Korea, continues to flourish and expand following a visit to South Korea earlier this month by Clayton State University President Dr. Thomas Hynes and Dean of the College of Health Dr. Lisa Eichelberger.

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If you go to and type in “orthotic” you’ll come up with the following… “An orthopedic appliance designed to straighten or support a body part.”

That’s a good generic term for a variety of orthopedic devices. However, today’s subject is more specific, mainly the appliances designed to fit in your shoes. And while podiatric orthotics do indeed fit in your shoes, they straighten and support body parts from the lower back on down. Why is that? Well, to paraphrase an old song… “the backbone’s connected to the hip bone, the hip bone’s connected to the leg bone, the leg bone’s connected to the…” you get the picture.

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