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Beyond the Cold: An American's Warm Portrait of Norway, living in Norway for a year at age 11, returning as an adult and finding a second home and family, and an affinity for a country, culture and people although not of Norwegian descent

Author Michael Kleiner, Beyond the Cold:
An American’s Warm Portrait of Norway
(and PR)

MJS Petsitting. Joe Pisoni, Mt. Airy Philadelphia, Accredited by Pet Sitters International

MJS Pet Sitting

[su_quote]Since working with Mike my pet sitting and dog walking business has increased four fold. Mike is a pleasure to work with and he explains the process in detail. Any time the site needs upgrades or changes, Mike is willing to do that.I have taken on additional employees since the web site was built.

Joe Pisoni
MJS Pet Sitting[/su_quote]

Banner for Serious Stories web site, book by Michael J. Oswald, web site by Michael Kleiner

Author Michael J. Oswald, Serious Stories for Children: Special People
(and PR), understanding children with special needs.

Sophie Tucker, Lois Young-Tulin, sophieandme
Author, Dr. Lois Young-Tulin,
Some of these Days: Sophie and Me (and PR) 

Dr. Lois Young-Tulin’s book, The Granny Nanny: A Guidebook
for Modern Grandmothers or What Every Grandmother Should
Know About Babysitting
 (and PR)

Lois Young-Tulin's third book, a novel, The Ghost of Leon Trotsky, is a historical novel exxamines how sic people come to terms with their individual and collective past and presents.

 Dr. Lois Young-Tulin’s third book, an historical novel,
The Ghost of Leon Trotsky
 (and PR)

[su_quote]Michael is creative, competent, hard-working and has integrity. He is always looking for opportunities to publicize his clients’ work and follows through in a timely manner. He maintains my web site, keeping it updated and attractive. He is an excellent public relations professional. I continuously recommend him to other authors.

Dr. Lois Young-Tulin, Author[/su_quote]

Sholom Aleichem Club, preserving Secular Jewish cultre for almost 60 years

Sholom Aleichem Club (and PR)

[su_quote]I am happy to write a recommendation for Michael Kleiner. He has done publicity and managed the web site for the Sholom Aleichem Club since 2000. He has shown initiative and responsibility in doing so. He makes suggestions to improve the web site and is responsive to requests to add, delete or modify elements on it. His PR for Club events has been widespread and well-placed.

Beth Warms
Sholom Aleichem Club[/su_quote]

Banner for Joyce Logistics, customs broker, importing, exporting, web design by Michael Kleiner

Joyce Logistics, a customs broker

Levy Photographers, color landscape and urbanscape photographers.
E-commerce site.

Mt. Airy Violins & Bows


Mt. Airy Business Association -E-commerce

[su_quote]I found Michael to be both innovative and conscientious during my work with him when he was President of the Mt. Airy Business Association. He was valued both for bringing out the best in those with who he worked, and also for providing direction and leadership.

Bill Dikeman
WTD Marketing;
MABA Administrator[/su_quote]

[su_quote]I served with Michael on the board of the Mt. Airy Business Association for nearly 10 years. In my 30-year career I’ve rarely met anyone who possesses Michael’s level of commitment and integrity. He always gives his best.

George Milite
Business Writer;
Temple University[/su_quote]

Photographers Two

Jewish Life in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia

Resource site on Jewish Life in Northwest Philadelphia, with particular emphasis on Mt. Airy. It was produced by Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Philadelphia Northwest Division and funded in part through a grant from The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. Tree graphic by Betsy Teutsch.

[su_quote]Michael worked with us patiently to create a web site that would project the character and appeal of our Mt. Airy neighborhood. In our case, his personal knowledge of the neighborhood and its culture strongly enhanced his technical abilities to create a visually appealing and richly informative web site. We are delighted with the result!

Eve Gottesman and Maxine Margolies
JCRC-NW Betsy Teutsch
Germantown Jewish Centre[/su_quote]

[su_quote]WOW! The web site is fabulous. It is so accurate, direct, and impressive. The text and photos are excellent. I love the way it makes its point largely through simply listing what is. It makes me so proud to live here. It is superbly done. I think I’ll stay.

Neighborhood resident[/su_quote]

Germantown Friends School 25th high school reunion web site.
60% of the class showed up.