What We Do

It starts with a brand.

Why have a brand?

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Every business and association has a brand — or, at least, they should. But, why? Are we all like lemmings, rushing to the sea in a desire to join the branded herd? Or, are there real reasons to have a brand?

As you might guess, the answer is “B,” yes, there are real and important reasons to have a brand.

Reason 1A: A brand tells the world — and that means both internal and external audiences — who and what you are, and why you are what you are. For How You Look+How You Speak+How You Act=Your Personal Brand bubble quote for blogpost on branding by John Shiffert of Michael Kleiner Public Relations & Web Designexample, here at Michael Kleiner Public Relations and Web Design, we “Make the Unknown Known.” That’s who and what we are and do.

Reason 1B: A brand can also tell the world who you aren’t — this is often a key part of a brand… it dispels misperceptions, or even
misinformation about an organization.

Reason 2: This is relevant to larger organizations — a brand gives internal constituents something to identify with, makes them feel a part of the organization. It’s an identity, as well as an identity-builder.

Reason 3: Maybe most importantly, a brand gives internal and external constituents a focus for discussing the organization. In and of itself, a brand is the key talking point for communicating what you do, a standard of communication for your organization. Whether it’s an elevator speech or a 90-slide PowerPoint presentation, your brand is the basis for how you communicate about yourself.

Are you a startup creating a brand for the first time? We can help with that. Are you looking to rebrand, which is not a bad idea, after a time to see if a that brand has worked for you or if there have been changes to the business. Even if there haven’t been changes, AND the brand works, typically you want to re-brand about every five years or so. Even the most effective brands can get boring or passe after five years.

After brand: we tell your story

What separates Michael Kleiner Public Relations and Web Design is the “After brand.” That brand message needs to be communicated to your target audience. Some firms concentrate on creating the brand and then you’re left saying, “Now what?”

We tell the story behind your brand. We might see a story or angle others might not. We’ll send out targeted press releases to media, not your friends and family (you can do that:) ) to generate excitement. We could plan a campaign around a grand opening or milestone. No campaign in the 21st century is complete without social media and we can craft a campaign around that.

Because we’re seasoned, savvy public relations pros and award-winning Public Relations image with media signs Media, Internet, Television, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, Michael Kleiner Public Relations and Web Design and appswriters, you will receive work you can trust. As Ted Taylor, who has seen Michael Kleiner and John Shiffert at work, says, we are “two guys who know what they’re doing.”

Web site

Michael Kleiner started the company in 1999 because he saw that Web sites would be another asset in a company’s PR and marketing toolbox. That has proven prophetic. Why not have one stop for your PR and Web Design? This keeps your image, brand and message consistent. The colors of your logo will be the colors of your logo on the Web site. WordPress is the most popular Web Development tool now and most WordPress themes have responsive design built in, so the site will be readable on a multitude of mobile devices, — critical in this day and age.

We’re with you every step of the way. That’s the Michael Kleiner Public Relations and Web Design recipe for “Making the Unknown Known.“